Babywearing When Raining – 3 Ways To Stay Dry


You pop baby in the sling and step out the door, but just as you pass your neighbours front door the heavens open and it starts to rain. You could dash in doors again and get the buggy out OR you could use our tips to stay nice an dry whilst Babywearing when Raining.

An Umbrella

Simple and often over looked even the smallest umbrella can cover you both and save you getting soaked.

We would recommend getting a larger umbrella and if you can a see-through one is great so your little person can look about while you walk!

A helmet umbrella is perfect as it has a longer back and covers a baby completely whether on the front or back and you don’t have to fight it in the wind either!

Rain Wear

Putting your child in a puddle suit with the hood up can be a quick and successful way to keep a child dry during light showers.

It’s worth making sure that there is plenty of growing room in the suit, so that when they are in the M position the suit doesn’t cause any discomfort or tightness in the knee-pits.

A Muddy Puddles 3 in 1 scamp suit is perfect and starts from 0-6 up to 2-3 years.

Babywearing Coat

There are many babywearing coats on the market that are great to keep baby or toddlers nice and dry when its raining.

Some are water proof and come with hood that sit snuggley on little heads, others are a simple fleece.

The Zoli babywearing RainSnow Coat is a must for any outdoors parents and can be wornin both front and back positions!

However you choose to stay dry whilst Babywearing when raining don’t forget to have fun and babywear safely!

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