Amazing Animals – Why We Love Wooden Toys!


We love wooden toys, especially Hape Wooden Toys sustainable and beautifully crafted, our house is filled with toys made from wood. There is something magical about kids playing with wooden toys compared to their plastic counterparts.

Wood has the ability to be more open ended, and has a multitude of playing possibilities rather than just their initial purpose.

The Amazing Animal Alphabet is suitable from 5 years+ but we found even a 1 year old found fun with this wooden toy jigsaw.

Brightly coloured, in primary colours the jigsaw depicts animals from A to Z.

Guessing what each animal took quite some time, the animals are not always clear as to what they are, however this only increases the fun and helps children to think beyond the basic farm or zoo animals they may see.

Each piece is carefully crafted to fit perfectly in small hands and stand alone can be used to play with as well as a group or as the original jigsaw.

The jigsaw is larger than expected and can be arranged either in the round wooden surround or for the older child who would like more of a challenge without the surround.

It’s great for helping children to learn about playing together and taking turns, the size of the jigsaw, means 2-3 children can sit around it placing pieces.

Promoting language, colours, hand and eye co-ordination and open ended play, as well as problem solving this piece is an investment and can be handed down through children.

It gets a 10/10 thumbs up from my 5, 7 and 1 year old.

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