Consultancy sessions – what your money pays for?


Sometimes people looking into consultancy sessions can be shocked with the cost of the service. Consultancy sessions depending where you reside and the level of the consultant’s training can cost anything from £20 to £45, but what does this cost get you?

Firstly I would like to examine other services and the fees they charge, for example a haircut can cost upwards of £20 for 15 minutes. Or a massage can cost £40-£50 for an hour. All valued services with the knowledge that these are the charges and no one questions these costs. So why should a babywearing consultant charge less or even give their service for free?

I think it’s a good idea to look into what it takes to become a consultant and what goes into each session. To become a consultant you will find most will have completed one, if not more consultancy courses. Each course costs around £400, but you  must also factor into this that many attendees travel and stay in a hotel during this time, taking the outlay to closer to £600 for the course. There are 3 schools currently in the UK, with many more in Europe that come to the UK to carry out courses. Some consultants have completed no less than 4 courses, some courses with various levels. Meaning many have paid thousands in courses to become qualified to the level they are at.

As well as courses, consultants will pay for insurance to cover their practises, which is a modest £100 or so a year. Then you have to factor in the cost of equipment each consultant has. Many slings and demo dolls costing £50 – £100 each, which most consultants will have at least 4 of each kind, adding up to a good few thousand pounds. There is also several professional bodies consultants pay to be members of such as BABI and BCIA to show commitment to excellence, which cost anything from £100-£200 a year each.

Then you have to factor in the fact most consultants have an extensive website and web hosting to account for, some choose to develop websites their self, others will pay to have this done on their behalf. Both come with significant outlay.

Many consultants choose to attend continual professional development days (CPD’s) the cost of this again can add up over the year after you factor in travel and accommodation to a few hundred a year.

This far you can see that to become and maintain being a reputable consultant is a costly business.

Consultancy Sessions

Each consultancy session will start with a relative amount of communication beforehand, and then planning of the session itself, before you attend a session your consultant may have already completed an hours’ worth of planning and communication. Then the consult itself will be anywhere from 1-2 hours. Finally the consultant will normally follow up with extra advice, videos and practical support of often another hour. Bringing the total time spent on each client to 4 hours, which pollutes even the most costly of fee’s down considerably. So a consultant will often make between £5 and £15 per hour, not taking into consideration any of the above costs or Tax and National Insurance.

If we look a everything it takes to become a trusted and successful consultant, we can soon see that the initial cost, which often can seem high to some, especially when you can go on youtube and learn for free, is actually a good value for money service. And of course you can always learn from youtube or that well meaning friend, but something you won’t get from those methods is that qualified person, tailoring something to your personal needs, taking into consideration your personal circumstances, looking at the way you carry and trouble shooting to your individual circumstance, so that you walk away with the most knowledge and confidence possible. It won’t offer you a follow up service and continual support after and you won’t have the peace of mind that you are getting the best advice in carrying and safety, in an environment that is insured and with the correct tools to get the most from the time.

A consultancy session is a valuable service that will help you gain the most from your babywearing journey. For what you get from the service, the amount you pay is proportional to the time and money spend to become a professional consultant and for those who are struggling with their journey, will allow them to gain the knowledge they want to succeed and carry for longer.


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