Didymos Metro Tussah Review


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The Company Outline

We reviewed the Didymos Metro Tussah Wrap for Didymos, who have been an established brand since 1972. Erica Hoffman (the founder of Didymos) was inspired by fabrics worn by families in Central America. The beautifully intricate cloths used to wear the children eventually became Erica’s inspiration to start her own company. Didymos is one of the brands I most remember from my early carrying days. So, reviewing one of their, yet to be released, Limited Edition wraps was a real pleasure.

Description of the Wrap

The Didymos Metro Tussah has an eye-catching geometric pattern in monochrome black and white. It exudes class and style and wraps like a dream straight from the box.
It has a blend of 70% Organic Cotton and 30% Tussah Silk, the silk gives the wrap a beautiful sheen, although it does feel the tiniest bit scratchy before a good wash and iron. The organic cotton gives you the peace of mind that it’s better for our environment as well as knowing it is going to make for a soft and floppy wrap.
With a weight of 190 g/m² The Metro is super light and airy, the natural threads make for a breathable wrap and would be a perfect wrap for warmer climates. It reminds me of an Ellipses i purchased in 2013 in the same monochrome colours, and was perfect for the very warm British summer we had that year. It would be equally great for a newborn, the lighter weight means that the mould-ability of the wrap will be increased without the bulk that heavier wraps often come with, great to support a still tucked up new baby.

Didymos Metro Tussah

Didymos Metro Tussah

eye-catching geometric pattern in monochrome black and white. It exudes class and style and wraps like a dream straight from the box.

Didymos Metro Tussah

Front Carrying

Comfortable when front carrying, the wrap molded round both adult and child with comfort and ease

Didymos Metro Tussah

Back Carrying

The wrap was both comfortable and easy to wrap with on the back. It has enough grip to stay put whilst wrapping and travelled with ease when tightening.

Didymos Metro Tussah


Comfortable enough to be worn for extensive periods of time, yet still light enough to remain breathable.

What We Thought

I used this wrap on a petite 19-month-old, weighing roughly 21lbs. She was very happy in the wrap, and has the tendency to get hot quickly when wearing, but in this wrap she was very content for extended periods of times when out walking. She even has a short nap, which is the ultimate of compliment from a sling sleep refuser.
On touch the wrap is soft and floppy, and the silk gives it a lustre that’s almost silver. Despite being silk it doesn’t crease as you would expect thanks to the cotton, and knots remain small once tied. With the gsm being lower the wrap could become diggy so, for a heavier child it’s worth making sure the shoulders are sandwiched or spread well. Despite this it’s a seriously sturdy wrap with a diagonal give that allows the wrap to move with both the child and wearer. Another benefit is the tight weave, the chances of getting a pull in the wrap is minimal, so it could well become a real workhorse even with its LE status.

Whilst wearing the wrap I got many comments on how stunning it was, even from those who had no interest in babywearing, so it’s definitely a head-turner. At £130 for a size 6, this wrap is by no means High End expensive, but has the look of one owing to the classiness of the pattern and colour.

One of Didymos’s features – which I love, is that the edges of the wrap are different. The ‘top’ edge has a solid line making it very easy for anyone to distinguish if the wrap is twisted or which edge they are pulling. The wrap has 2-sides, a wrong and right side, both beautiful, 1 more black and one more white and equally look as stylish when wrapped.

The wraps always come with a great amount of information, a DVD on 12 different carries, a small booklet on the brand with benefits and general baby information. A larger booklet with images and wording on safety, pictorial carry instructions with how to make adaptions and hint and tips on how to wear. This is great for beginners and intermediates alike.

Overall, this wrap has my heart and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a light-weight wrap that oozes charm and sophistication, one that will look great with any item or colour of clothing.

For more on where to buy a Didymos Metro Tussah visit: https://www.didymos.com/en/

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