European Babywearing Week 2017


Tomorrow starts European Babywearing Week 2017 and we want to challenge you with 7 days of wrapping! So get out your wraps and start to hone your skills with our EBW 7 days wrapping challenge!

Each day we will post on Facebook about what challenge it is on that day. And we would like to see your images. With your permission we will share them on our social channels to celebrate European Babywearing Week 2017

Are you up for the challenge?

Day 1 – FWCC

Day 2 – Double Hammock

Day 3 – Ruck Tied Tiebetan

Day 4 – BWCC

Day 5 – Poppins Hip Carry

Day 6 – Front Double hammock

Day 7 – Shepherds Carry

With every post you make across social media don’t forget to use the hashtag #ebw2017!

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