Learn to Double Hammock Like a Pro!


The double hammock is a carry which became popular very quickly in 2007, it is attributed to JPMBB and made it to woven wraps as many babywearers found that it was an easy to use comfortable back carry with a toddler. Two hammocks of fabric keep your child seated nicely on your back and the pass across your chest gives extra support as well as showing of your pretty wrap. Below we have this week’s ‘How To’ guide for the double hammock.

Get Child on your back

In the method of your choosing get your infant onto your back. The wrap should be over one shoulder and under one arm. Note: I have full wrap tension by holding the wrap in one hand and between my knees securing both sides. At all time when wrapping you should have at least 2 points of tension along the wrap to ensure the infant does not fall out.

Make chest belt

Keeping the tension in the wrap, bring the part of the wrap under your arm over your chest, tightening as you go. the part of the wrap over your shoulder is then placed between your knees to keep the tension.

Bring wrap over babies back

Continue to bring the wrap round over baby’s back, hooking the bottom edge of the wrap under each leg and tightening to ensure a line of tension from knee-pit to  knees-pit with the rest across baby’s body to their neck. Keeping the tension, bring the wrap to your opposite shoulder.

Making the shoulder straps

Bring the wrap over your shoulder under the same arm and cross both parts of the wrap under the child’s opposite knee-pit, to make a cross to sit on. The cross should be tight enough to be holding the hammock pass to stop the child popping the seat.

Tying off

Lastly bring the wrap to the front and tie off in a secure double knot on your preferred side.

Side View

This is the completed side view of a Double Hammock. You can clearly seen the bottom is lower than the knee’s

Front on view

This is the finished front on view of a Double Hammock. You can clearly see the ‘M’ positioning of the child.

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