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In this issue we hear from Sling Solutions on what inspired their Babywearing Barbie Meme’s. We have a Starter’s Guide to Babywearing from Worthing Sling Library.

We learn how a carrier can help with reflux written by Close and Calm. Jacq and Rose talk us through their NEW babywearing Boxes. We learn why a consultation is a great option from Baby Bitz.

Finally Lifft Slings discuss why a pouch sling is one of the easiest options on the market and give us their top 4 tips on how to get the best fit. We learn why babywearing can help when adopting and fostering babies and a heartfelt story from Peekaboo Slings on how to deal with unwanted attention when putting your child in a carrier in public.

As well as our regular Ask Lorette column and Exploring Carriers, and many more articles, there is something for everyone. To Read Latest Issue Click Here

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