Learn How To Shepherd’s Carry


A Shepherd’s Carry is a multi-pass carry that can be as supportive as a Double Hammock, and looks as good. Except, it uses a shorty (usually base -3), so is quicker, and you have less to carry if you’re out and about.

Plus, the freshwater finish is great for those who find that ruck straps slip off their shoulders. It can also be a great introduction to learning the skills needed for a good chest or hammock pass combination (as you would need for Double Hammock) as there is less fabric to move around and get tangled up in!

Shepherd's Carry

Find middle marker

You will need to start off centre-roughly  an arm’s length from the middle marker and place that spot in the middle of your baby’s back.

Shepherd's Carry

Get child onto your back

Get them up onto your back using your preferred method, make the seat and be sure that there is a straight line from knee-pit to knee-pit and the legs are in an M position.

Shepherd's Carry

Make first hammock pass

Pin the short tail (under your chin, in your teeth or between your knee’s, whatever works for you) and, keeping the tension as much as you can, bring the long tail off your shoulder and under your arm to make a hammock pass.

Shepherd's Carry

Make chest belt and second hammock pass

Bring the long tail across your chest, over the short tail, and under your other arm. Spread the wrap round over your baby’s back in another hammock pass, making sure that it is knee to knee in a straight line.

Shepherd's Carry

Work out slack

Work any slack in the chest pass round and out through the long tail, then bring it over your shoulder. Check the short tail for slack, and sandwich at the shoulders if you prefer.

Shepherd's Carry

Tie Off

Bring the long tail down over the chest pass to meet the short tail and tie off with a double knot.

Shepherd's Carry

All Done!

The carry is very comfortable and looks very pretty.

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