Never Too Old To Be Worn – Preschool Baby Carriers


Just because they can walk doesn’t mean they can’t still be carried, even bigger-little legs get tired sometimes. Trouble is most people seem to think beyond a small toddler that children can’t be worn.

‘They are too heavy, they keep wanting up and down, taking a bulky carrier out is a pain or the carrier is too small’ are many of the reason’s people decide not to continue to wear their children. But in truth these reasons can all be overcome with a bit of thought.

Preschool baby carriers are not as prevalent on the market as baby carriers, but that not to say they are not around. Rose & Rebellion, Soul Slings, Beco, Wompat and Connecta are just a few of the brands that cater for preschoolers, alternatively a wrap will fit you from birth to well beyond the preschool years or you could opt for a Mei Dai with maxi or wrap straps to last for a bigger child.

Weight distribution can be quite important so something with a structured waistband will have a great comfort factor or a multi layered carry like a double hammock. Taking some of the weight from the shoulder by Tibetan tying can be a useful practise as it distributes the weight across the chest. That’s not to say you can’t do a simple ruck and just fold the shoulders neatly so they do not dig.

As the child gets bigger getting them onto your back can become harder, super-manning or even a Santa toss can be too weighty, so a hip scoot or even just allowing them to climb on would work well, older children will happily hold on to you of their own accord, which makes falling less of an issue, but it’s always a good idea to have a hand still safeguarding them.

Another advantage of wearing an older child is they will naturally get into a seated position making optimum positioning relatively easy.

There is always the reason that they want up and down a lot, but mostly by the time a preschooler wants to be worn, they are ready for a rest and don’t want to chop and change walking or being carried, plus it allows a child to get into the calm-alert state making learning easier and calming a tired or fractious child.

Wearing a larger child with a disability is something that is really useful and more can be read about it here

Most preschool baby carriers take up a lot less space than a buggy and a large tote bag or even a child backpack is the perfect place for a carrier to reside until needed.

The world can be a mighty big place even if you are a big 4 year old, that doesn’t mean you won’t need the security of mum and dad every now and again! So give it a try and see how wonderful wearing your preschoolers can be.

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