5 Instant Babywearing Benefits – Close Enough To Kiss


Babywearing can often be an ‘aha’ moment for parents. It’s easy to get swept up in just how tough getting back to normal with a new baby can be. We can all relate to the struggles of how complex leaving the house can be. You need and bag packed with everything but the kitchen sink.If you formula feed you will need to plan feeds to the hour.

Trying to get ready yourself can be a challenge as you juggle a squawking baby and getting your your clothes on, in the 5 seconds it takes before the start crying once again. Then there’s the high-pitched alarm-shriek of being put into a car seat or pram, (you’re abandoning them for sure!), sending your mum instincts into complete meltdown and immediately removing them because you can’t stand the wails.

The final trick is the comedic timing of them filling their nappy just as you step out of the door! No wonder new mums are always late after that! I won’t mention how hard getting out of the house with more than one can be!

The aha moment often comes with the realisation of how effective using a carrier is on the amount of freedom you obtain from having baby in close contact. And the babywearing benefits don’t stop there!

Hands free

Omg, you just got your hands back mama! Providing baby is in a good ergonomic carrier, you will find you finally can do stuff. We know you have become a goddess at working one handed, but to get two hands back is a hallelujah moment. Cooking, cleaning even doing your makeup is fuss free, any task that needs 2 hands, well you’re on it and feeling rather smug too.

Less crying

Along with being hands free finally, you will notice just how less baby cries, one study found babies whom are worn in a carrier for good periods of time, cried 50% less. Less crying equals less mummy guilt and all-round awesomeness feelings. Babies are built to be carried, the reason they squawk when you put them down is evolution’s way to make sure you do not abandon them. Clever really. Just not so compatible with our modern lives and expectations that babies should be put down.

Getting out with ease

We have talked about how tough getting out the house can be, imagine doing it hands and squawking free? It just makes life easier, you can pack a bag with ease and think clearly what you need without a crying baby as distraction. Once out using a carrier makes life just so much easier. No buggy means no lugging it in and out of a car. You just strap and go.

Shops are a breeze, no fighting up shop steps, small shop doors or waiting for a lift to get the the baby section, which is ALWAYS on the first floor! the natural movement of walking keeps baby happy and sleeping and you can enjoy shopping or just walking in peace.

No huge lump sum needed to buy a pram

Prams are expensive, right? Even the cheapest can set you back hundreds and some you need a small mortgage for! Just don’t do it. Buy a sling. They are considerably cheaper and once finished with you can gift it to a friend and it will be just as new. Even better selling it on can get you up to 75% of your money back. There aren’t many baby products you can say that about.

No unwanted touching

What is it with people touching babies without permission? One thing you will find when babywearing, is the amount of people willing to invade your personal space to get to baby is significantly reduced. No one really likes to invade another’s personal space without an invitation and if you don’t want to give that permission your body language will scream ‘back off’.

Leaving you not having to deal with some random’s dirty hands on your beautiful new baby. Even better, you won’t get asked if they can ‘pick up baby’. Particularly great if baby has just gone to sleep, you won’t have them woken up being played pass the parcel with.

Keeps you warm

In colder weather babywearing is like having your own personal hot water bottle. You can rest in the knowledge that both of you will be kept toasty and warm as you exchange body heat easily.

There you have it, 5 instant benefits you get by putting on a sling. Your life is about to get a whole load easier, less crying, hands free, staying warm, no unwanted touching and the ability to get out and about with ease. It really does make the first few months a whole load easier, and leaves you feeling like you have got your shizzle together.

So, get out there purchase your sling and find out for yourself the babywearing benefits!

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