7 Effective Ways To Deal With Chickenpox And Stop Scarring


Having 3 younger children I knew Chickenpox was going to arise at some point. I just didn’t know when. What I also knew was that when 1 got it, they all would get it!

When you are a large family (7 of us) illness is spread round like a share bag of Maltesers. You literally succumb one after the other, till you can’t recall the last time no one was not actually ill. Dealing with 5 kids when you feel like death yourself is tough. Although it’s all part of the fun of being a larger family.

It had been 10 years since I last dealt with chicken pox with the 2 oldest kids. Whom didn’t have it particularly bad. The older of the 2 had a maximum of 5 spots. That’s it. The younger had it twice in 6 months both times mildly.

Having not dealt with chickenpox for years i decided to do some googling and some of the ways to treat chickenpox were:


  • Oat baths

  • Antihistamines

  • Calamine cream

  • Bicarbonate of Soda baths

  • Virasooth

  • Poxclin

  • Chamomile baths


Bathing in oats, bicarb and chamomile help soothe the classic itch that accompanies Chickenpox. Many children will spend hours in the bath as it’s helps with the itchiness. When drying the child make sure the towels are clean and you pat dry rather than rubbing to prevent bursting or infecting the spots. The introduction of bacteria will cause scarring and may lead to antibiotics having to be taken.

Antihistamines will help soothe the itch from the inside and help a child to drift off to sleep easier when the itching is at its worst. Creams such as calamine or aqueous cream will help to keep the scabs from cracking, which can lead to bleeding, scarring and further itching.

Mousses and lotions such as Virasoothe and Poxclin help relieve the itching and can help with creating a barrier to reduce infection and scarring. These products are the most expensive to use, and cuts around £10 per bottle and will last a single child the duration of the illness.



Close Up of a small girls face with chickenpox and an infected eye



My youngest daughter has an iAg deficiency so she gets ill often and usually it results in a visit to the doctors for medicine. Chickenpox was no different. She was covered but the worst was yet to come. As the spots developed several appeared on her eyelids and due to her rubbing them, became infected.

Less than 2 weeks after my daughter developed the first spot her 2 older brothers came down with it too. Both worse than her.



Close up of a small boys chest covered in fluid filled chickenpox



What we tried was a combination of bicarb baths. With plenty of poxclin slavered over them 3 times a day or when they complained of being itchy.

This seemed to save the boys from getting infected and only Ruby’s eyes became infected due to the rubbing. For the most part 6 months on none of them have much in the way of scarring. There are small discoloured patches but I think in time these will disappear. Luckily, they have no pot marks or deep scars. So regular bathing and Poxclin seemed to work.





If you have another way to deal with Chickenpox that hasn’t been mentioned please let us know in the comments below.


Close up of a small boy with chickenpox with wording saying 7 effective ways to deal with chickenpox.



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