8 Reasons Why You need To Be Using Cloth Sanitary Protection


CSP aka cloth sanitary protection is reusable sanitary wear for women. Made from material shaped to fit similarly to sanitary pads, they are used to soak up menstrual blood.

1. It’s better for the environment

It take 500-800 years for a sanitary towel to decompose, the same as a child’s nappy. That’s quite a legacy to leave future generations, the average women uses 10-17000 sanitary products in her lifetime. Where as most CSP item last upwards of 10 years each.

2. It saves you money

A women will spend on average £3000 on sanitary products but buying Cloth Sanitary Protection you will spend 1/10 of this.

3. It’s better for your body

Tampax and towels are made with chemicals that have carcinogenic properties and fibres that are linked to miscarriage, toxic shock syndrome and damage to a woman’s immune system. not something you want in your body is it? Cloth pads are usually sourced ecologically and ethically, with sustainable products such as cotton, hemp and bamboo.

4. They are more comfortable

Cloth pads are usually made of cotton and often topped with fleece and a fabric called Minky which is breathable, soft and uber comfortable next to the skin unlike disposable pads which make you sweat and stick to you.

5. The patterns are pretty

No more boring white! Cloth pads come in many different designs, the world is literally your oyster. Whatever colour or pattern you desire can be made, if you want to be uniform and matching or throw caution to the wind and have a bright colourful collection there is no reason you can’t.

6. Cloth pads are just like reusable’s

They look and feel similar, come in various lengths, thickness, with wings, for thongs, for heavy flows or light flows, for after birth or for discharge just like disposables.

7. Washing is easy

No need to soak, just dry pale and pop on a cold rinse then full wash with a spot of detergent. They come out like new.

8.They help reduce thrush outbreaks

If you are prone to thrush, CSP will reduce outbreaks caused by pads or tampons.

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