9 Reasons You Should To Be Having A Water Birth


1. Water is a great pain reliever

There is debate if this is actually true, but most would agree water helps with pain. The main reason is its thought to relax muscles and by doing so allows the mother to cope better with any pain.


2. It reduces stress and anxiety

Labour can be frightening for mothers, they can feel out of control and worry about bad things happening, water relaxes them and lessens their perception of how much pain they are in.


3. It speeds up labour

As the warm water relaxes the muscles it allow the body to focus its energies in opening the cervix rather than coping with the contractions.


4. It supports your weight

Water creates buoyancy, which in turn helps a mother move freely in labour whilst still be fully supported.


5.It reduces tearing

As you spend time in water it softens the skin allowing the skin to stretch more easily without tearing.


6.You can combine other pain relievers

When it the pool you can make the use of other forms of pain relief too, including gas and air, pethidine, TENS and Hypnobirthing.


6.Babies born in the water are often calmer

Having been born into the water, you can slowly introduce baby to the air and onto your body faster, causing less stress to the baby, many don’t even cry at first but acclimatise to the world slowly.


7.There is less mess

As you are in water already it means to will be able to wash yourself off and leave the pool clean and blood free. All the products of the birth like blood and amniotic fluids will be flushed away.


8. It makes passing the placenta easier

You will be more relaxed, able to squat with ease, so the placenta will usually come down and out with ease shortly after the birth, when in the pool.


9.Birthing partners can join you

Water is easy for someone who is supporting you to hop in a pool during labour. Its not so easy on a bed. The buoyancy of the water can help them to support your weight and skin to skin helps to produce more pain killings hormones.


Image by Alberto Perra and Angela Giusti

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