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Editor, designer, perfectionist and mum of 5 – Renee Jeffery




I am the mum behind Close Enough To Kiss. A Babywearing Educator with 19 years experience, I have carried all 5 of my children in a baby carrier.  My first carrier was bought for me by a family member. It was a Wilkinet. A total lifesaver as my first daughter cried ALL DAY LONG. The carrier allowed me to be able to get stuff done around our small one bedroom flat, without leaving her to cry. It saved my sanity when I was suffering from post-natal depression and attributed to her talking fluently by 15 months. I started formally within the babywearing industry in 2011 by opening Norwich Sling Library, got addicted and wanted to make a ‘career’ from this hippy stuff.  I went on to train as a babywearing consultant in June 2013 with Slingababy and furthered my training by completing the JPMBB course a year later in June 2014. Babywearing is my life, it’s my families life too, through force mostly – Only joking – we all love it, its what we do and has brought us so much joy and bonding its hard not to want to shout about that. In a former life, I was in customer services, I am a serial helper, get things done kinda person.



I released the first magazine during International Babywearing week 2012 to promote babywearing internationally. I was not sure that it would even take off, but 5 years later here we are. I love babywearing, but one thing love more is being a parent and helping others. The idea behind the website is it’s not just about babywearing, but parenting and all things associated with it. I am a sucker for learning and have a passion for child psychology. I wanted to use what I have learned over 20 years to help others. I am tired of mummy wars and want to bring back female solidarity, I want to promote no judgment and above all else, I want every family out there to never feel alone.



My family life is not perfect. 3 of my children have a rare genetic condition (1Q21.2 Microduplication Syndrome). Autism, Coeliac Disease, Learning Difficulties, Anxiety, Dyspraxia, Gross and Finer Motor Difficulties and Selective IgA Deficiency are present and we all work together to help support and love each other through the more difficult times. Babywearing has given us a common interest and allowed us to bond as a family. Disability has been both a blessing and a curse. On the harder days when illness is dominating our life or sleep is hard to come by, we struggle to accept the difficulties. On easier days when life is flowing and we can see the evidence of our parenting choices in action, we rejoice that we have had the chance to impact so positively through babywearing and respectful parenting and that we can use our combined experience and knowledge to help others.



Juggling a family of 5 isn’t easy, luckily I have the help my 5 amazing kids, Jordan, Ebony, Harrison, Callum and Ruby and an amazing network of friends! It’s crazy, noisy and busy, but fun as hell.




“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do” Steve Jobs

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