About our magazine


Close Enough To Kiss is a semi annual magazine that promotes babywearing through empowering knowledge to help you decide which way you would like to wear your child. We have safety at the heart of everything we write, so you can be confident that all information you get will be written with the safety of your child in mind.

All article are written by those within the babywearing community, from carrier manufacturers to sling libraries, all sharing their part of the industry. We try to be as unbiased as we can be, sharing ALL BRANDS and ALL TYPES of slings. Carrying is great in whatever form it happens in and we try to celebrate this as much as we can.


About our website


Our website is family focused and we pride ourselves in bringing you empowering, authentic parenting articles and ideas that any family can identify with. We want to grow a community that promotes all the things we have in common and celebrates what we don’t, in a positive and fun way.

From video’s to infographics we want to bring value to the site by sharing  parenting ideas not ideals, showing the best and worst of parenting and how we can all learn from each other.

No clicky groups or my way is better than your way. Just unfettered support that we once shared before families lost their village and had to stand alone.


Who we are?


Editor, designer, perfectionist and mum of 5 – Renee Jeffery



I am the mum behind both Close Enough To Kiss the magazine and  website. A Babywearing Educator with 19 years experience in carrying all 5 of my children in a baby carrier.  I started formally within the babywearing industry in 2011 by opening Norwich Sling Library, got addicted and wanted to make a ‘career’ from this hippy stuff.  I went on to train as a babywearing consultant in June 2013 with Slingababy and furthered my training by completing the JPMBB course in June 2014. Babywearing is my life, its my families life too, through force mostly – Only joking – we all love it, its what we do and has brought us so much joy and bonding its hard not to want to shout about that. In a former life i was in customer services, i am a serial helper, get things done kinda person.


I released the first magazine during International Babywearing week 2012 to promote babywearing internationally. I was not sure that it would even take off, but 5 years later here we are. I love babywearing, but one thing love more is being a parent and helping. The idea behind the website is not just babywearing, but parenting and all things associated with it. I am a sucker for learning, and have a passion for child psychology. I wanted to use what i have learned over 20 years to help others. I am tired of mummy wars and want to bring back female solidarity, i want to promote no judgement and above all else i want every family out there to never feel alone.


Juggling a family of 5 isn’t easy, luckily i have the help of my ever patient husband Colin and my 5 amazing kids, Jordan, Ebony, Harrison, Callum and Ruby! It’s crazy, noisy and busy, but fun as hell.



“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do” Steve Jobs

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