5 Changes You Will Have To Make When Your Baby Becomes A Toddler


In a short twelve months your baby grows from a sleeping bundle to an active toddler. It’s hard to pinpoint when a baby becomes a toddler, but now that your toddler is up and moving you’ll need to adjust to their new viewpoint.


With toddlerhood comes curiosity and the ability to access more than ever before. Take a couple hours to update your childproofing. Proactively making your home safe could save many tears down the road. Keep soft toddler feet protected with a good pair of shoes. Make sure the fit is correct with a bit of room for growth but not so much to make them a tripping hazard. Be sure that all of your cleaning supplies and other dangerous items are locked in a cupboard that they can’t access.

Sharing and Caring

Toddlers are fascinated by each other. Spend time teaching your little one how to take a turn then pass his toy on to the next child. When your toddler’s temper rises, stay calm. Show by example how to talk through disagreements. Never allow hitting, biting or scratching. Be firm and clear when the rules are broken. Diligence now will pay off in good social skills later.

Dental care

Now is the time to have those new teeth checked out. First dental visits should be fun. Prepare your child ahead of time with special books from the library. Look for a dentist that specializes in pediatric dentistry or who treats a large number of children. Talk over concerns, such as bottle and pacifier use, with your dentist. They should be able to help you with recommendations.


Those little feet are really moving now, and with mobility comes the ability to touch and explore anything within reach. This also means your child will be exposed to more germs than before. Now is the time to instil good hygiene habits such as hand washing. A stool for the bathroom sink and foaming soap will make this an enjoyable task. Make sure to offer plenty of praise.

Learning opportunities

For toddlers, the world is a place filled with new adventures. Don’t miss the chance to see the world through your child’s eyes. Explore the zoo, children’s museum and parks. Most libraries have a story time designed specifically for toddlers. Here your child will have the chance to socialize with other kids and learn through books and songs.

Though everything seems to be changing so quickly, the most important thing remains love. Remember, you’re learning together, so do your best and give yourself grace.

Informational credit to Family Dental Centre.

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