Weaning Food Ideas, You Never Knew You Needed


Baby Led Weaning foods, whether you introduce puree’s or go straight for lumps is a personal choice. Many people get stumped as to what to introduce first. Sweet? Savoury? Do they introduce foods one at a time? Or perhaps mix? It can be quite a difficult choice with so much conflicting advice.


Currently the World Health Organisation suggest that food should be introduced after 6 months alongside any milk feeds up to the age of 2 and beyond. They define readiness for weaning as teeth beginning to appear, the tongue thrust no longer pushing food out of the mouth and the ability to put food into their own mouth confidently.


If you feel your infant is showing these signs you may be ready to wean. The process of weaning can take time. It’s not unusual for an infant of 1 and over, to still be getting the majority of their calorie intake from milk. If this is the case don’t be tempted to minimise milk intake, the child will drop milk feeds when ready.


Weaning Foods


Foods that are soft and easy for a tongue to manipulate and squash is going to be a better option that something hard. Fruits and vegetables that are cooked are good starter foods.


Stacey of One Small Human suggests avocado. As you can mash or it makes great early finger food. Avocado are high in Iron and Vitamin C too, they are also high in good fats and therefore calories so a great starter food to maintain adequate calorie intake for newly weaning infants.


Karina Davies of Mum’s The Nerd took the Baby Led Weaning approach and started out on foods like sweet potato. “It was quite versatile and we made sweet potato wedges, mash, gnocchi, curry and falafels”. Sweet potato as well as being high in fibre is also a great source of Vitamin A which helps with eye development and keeping a healthy immune system.


Cheesy quinoa bites are great for Baby Led Weaning they freeze well and portable for a snack whilst out. For a great recipe visit The Organic Cookery School website.


Baby holding a fork over a white round plate with carrots, pasta, green beans and ham on.

Whole foods such as pasta, green beans and ham can help with motor coordination.


Food that can be grabbed in a child’s hand easily such as pasta tubes, green beans or ham can help to develop motor skills and hands to eye coordination.


If you are not into cooking and would like to start on a staple cupboard food Lynsey at Mum, That’s Me suggests, toast and bananas as a simple and tasty starter food. She does warn though Banana stains and does funny things to their poo. Something to be aware of.


Scrambled Eggs and Baked Beans were an early favourite with Hannah from The Amphletts. Eggs are a great source of Selenium and B2, Baked Beans are a great source of protein, however do be aware that they are quite high in added sugar, so it may be an idea to keep portions to a minimum.


A teething baby can often refuse weaning foods so cucumber sticks are a great idea by Emma of Our Fairytale adventure “a winner for teething because it cooled their gums! We still have cucumber sticks in our summer lunches and they are now 3 & 1” Fast, easy and can help a teething baby chew to relieve the associated pain. Win win.


Emma Dowey found soft things like cooked carrot, broccoli and banana were fab for baby led weaning. “I really worried about choking and i just found it a bit easier starting off with softer food. even though everyone raved on about Baby Lead Weaning, i preferred mushy things and making purees”. She has some great recipe idea  over at Me And B Makes Tea .


Close Up of a baby holding and about to bite a large slice of watermelon.

Melon can make for a great weaning food.

Other fruity idea are Orange and Melon. Zoe from Mummy and Liss and Vicki over at Mumma and her monsters recommend them when the weather is warm. Both are a great source of much needed fluids in the warmer weather and can be placed in the fridge, for a cooling snack.



Making pancakes for either a snack or breakfast are perfect for a soft chewable first food. They can be stored for up to 5 days in an airtight container. Jo at, Miracle Max has some more great weaning idea.


There you have it some great weaning food ideas for food that can be cooked or prepared fresh. Enjoy your baby led weaning experience.


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