A Baby Wants To Be Carried – Book Review


We were kindly sent the book: A baby wants to be carried by publishers – Pinter and Martin, Written by Evelin Kirkilionis.

Evelin Kirkilionis has worked tirelessly to promote babywearing comfort and safety since the early 90’s and because of this work Germany has an exemplary babywearing safety record, compared with the UK and USA, where we are still playing catch-up.The book was originally published in 1999 in Germany and again in 2013, and has been translated in 2014 for the English speaking market.

The book is attractively printed with photo diagrams, giving examples of what is being spoken about in each section, with important facts emboldened in red, so the book can reinforce to the reader it’s main points. The images are very inclusive with male and female wearers, as well as many types of carriers and slings.

What is clear from reading the book is how Evelin is striving to help parents realise the importance of the evolutionary need that babies want to be carried, and she backs this up with facts and theory in the first part of the book. Showing not only the physical predeterminers but also the behavioural patterns that continue to back up Evelin’s Theory. She goes on to debunk myths and cover the often worrying subject or hip and back issues thought to be caused by some carriers. Being a doctor herself, what is being said almost seems more credible. I personally loved the explanation optimum angle of hip and leg in relation to development and hip health.

In the second part of the book the book goes into the practicalities of babywearing, tying techniques covering a wide varieties of slings and carriers, explaining limitations to some carriers. The are several ‘how to’s’ for tying, which is obviously something Evelin recommends over other carriers, she includes reasoning to why you could use the method with clear concise images for the reader to follow.

The last chapter goes into the reasoning behind why carrying facing outward is not recommended. The book really challenges misconceptions with a good solid reasoning behind her beliefs and experiences.

Overall i enjoyed reading the book and felt really pleased that there is such a resource out there that really promotes what most consultants in the UK teach. I did however feel it lost something during translation and in places its  slightly harder to make sense of, although you do get the gist of the point. The images especially with the woven wraps in my mind didn’t quite show as ‘optimum’ as the book promotes and i hope that in any subsequent updated releases address this.

This is a book i would recommend wholeheartedly and offer to those with questions on babywearing and whether or not is really is a necessary tool for childrearing. Its refreshingly set-out, easy to read, in portions that help you to really understand what is being written. The complimentary copy we received with be sent on to Norwich Sling Library to be cherished and offered to the families of the area to read.

Thanks to Pinter and Martin for sending us the book to review.

A baby wants to be carried can be purchased from Pinter and Martins website – https://www.pinterandmartin.com/a-baby-wants-to-be-carried.html 







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