Babywearing and Bags – How to Avoid the ‘Packhorse’ Look!


As I have truly embraced babywearing with baby number three I quickly hit on a problem. What to do with the changing bag/handbag/shopping? I personally hate feeling overloaded with bags, it’s the ‘hands free’ aspect of babywearing that is one of its big plus points for me (after the lovely cuddles of course.) and I found that managing the changing bag and any shopping while carrying left me hot, stressed, and feeling totally overloaded. I had no idea about babywearing bags!


It has only taken me the grand total of 10 months to find a solution but I have one. The babywearing bag. Put simply, it’s a regular bag but with wrap straps; which means it can be adapted based on the carry you are using. I haven’t yet managed to buy one but was lucky enough to test a babywearing bag made by the lovely Emma Bottomley at EM’s broidery and Stitches ( who as of 2017 no longer are making items). The difference it made, well – wow!


I genuinely loved the babywearing bag for tons of reasons. I’ve had major issues getting a comfortable bag to use while babywearing (especially now a rucksack is no use as I’m starting to use back carries more). I’m an average size and average height and the wrap straps were the perfect lengths for me. I had loads of versatility with how to wear it. I’ve worn it across my body, worn it as a rucksack with front carries (tied the way you’d tie a ruck back carry) and also used it as a “buggy bag” as the wrap straps are handy when you have a buggy with only a singular bar handle.


Babywearing Bag Laid Flat


It might need slightly shorter/longer straps for petite or curvier ladies but as that part can be customised to suit the buyer it is not an issue. The one I tested was a really generous size (great for cloth nappies too) which is perfect if like me you need to take everything but the kitchen sink out with you! I’m saving the pennies for a larger babywearing ‘changing bag’ and a smaller matching babywearing handbag to give me total adaptability.


There are a few different places to buy babywearing bags (mostly small businesses – so you’d also be doing your bit for our economy). Here is our list below of some retailers. Just don’t shout at me if you find yourself needing a babywearing bag to match all your slings.


Taylors Babywearing – A Manchester business formerly known as Chunkle-Munkle

Wearababy – A Finnish company also known as Liinalapsi

Love To Be Natural – A British company that retail Babywearing Bags

Etsy – Has a multitude of babywearing bag makers

Absolute Bobbins – British Babywearing bag company

Nahla – Handmade Babywearing Bags from the UK


Article by Linda Chipps

Photography by Onbag


Pinnable image of a babywearing bag



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