Babywearing On A Budget – 7 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Money


When you have spent your life savings on every baby appliance going the last thing you want is to pay even more out plus a kidney on a baby carrier. After all you don’t know if you will actually wear it right?


How do you know which one is right? And have you seen the price of them?


Babywearing doesn’t have to come with a designer price tag, it’s about knowing where to look to get a bargain and babywearing on a budget is totally possible. Just think about these 7 things beforehand.


First things first


If you are unsure what kind of carrier you want visit your local sling library. They have a gazillion different carriers to try. Be aware though, a lot of libraries have limited time, so you may not be able to have everyone demo’d. So, do a bit of research first before going and then see what suits you once there. We have an amazing FREE babywearing beginners guide HERE.


New or Preloved


You don’t have to buy new to be guaranteed a great carrier. Buying preloved can save you a good 25% off read more about buying preloved HERE. Just be aware though carriers often hold their value, so you won’t get a huge bargain like you would if buying a pram second hand.


Work at home mums or smaller companies often have the best priced carriers. As the do not have the same overheads as larger companies.


Amazon or eBay


Buying from discounted stores or retailers can seem like the savvy choice. BE WARY though. Buying carriers from both Amazon or eBay might not be as shrewd as you think. Carriers are often a counterfeit version such as Ergo or Boba. The issues with cheaper counterfeit carriers will be the dyes used may be carcinogenic, the stitching may not have been safety tested therefore could put the child at risk of falling. Button, buckles or zip could be of inferior quality and a choking risk.


A general rule of thumb is if it seems too good to be true. It probably is and therefore should be avoided. If a carrier is on sale in John Lewis or Target for £150, but is on eBay for £40, the chances are you have an illegal counterfeit. Save yourself the money and heartache of finding our something is a counterfeit by researching and purchasing from a good retailer. If you are lucky enough to find a bargain (which can happen), asking for proof of purchase for carriers that are most commonly counterfeited, will save you paying for something that’s potentially dangerous.


Work out your budget


It’s always a good idea to plan how much you have to spend even when not babywearing on a budget. Whether it’s £30, £50 or £100 knowing what you can afford can save you in the long run.


Work out what you want it for


Knowing when you want to wear will help you purchase shrewdly. It maybe you want a carrier for the first few months just to ‘get things done’. It maybe you want a carrier that will be great for a toddler who loves your hip, but is happy in their buggy the rest of the time. It could be for going on through the airport on holiday. Or even walking in the woods. Knowing the purpose can help identify what it is you really need.


Some babywearing on a budget carriers £60($80 dollars)  and under


  • Pouchlings

  • Moby Stretchy

  • Lifft sling stretchy

  • Lilliputti stretchy

  • Boba stretchy

  • Baby k’tan

  • JPMBB basic wrap

  • By Kay stretchy

  • Papoozle stretchy

  • Boba wrap

  • We made me Wuti

  • Palm and pond

  • Cabo lite

  • JPMBB ring sling

  • Little frog

  • Lenny lamb

  • Ling ling d’amour

  • Luna

  • Soul slings

  • Infantino

  • Caboo DX go

  • Lifft Pouches

  • Amazon as Smart Carrier

  • Yaro

  • Pouchlings

  • Connecta


Getting the most from your carrier

If you are still unsure of how to use your carrier, it’s always a great idea to revisit your local sling library or babywearing consultant. Alternatively, you can search on YouTube for videos on how to use your carrier. We also have a selection of videos to help on our YouTube channel.


Article image supplied with thanks by Close Caboo Baby Carrier


mother wearing her child in a Close Caboo Babywearing budget option.


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