13 Ways To Break In Your Woven Wrap


We have all been there, your latest wrap addition lands on your mat, you excitedly open it only to find it’s stiffer than an over starched shirt! Of course not all wraps come to you like this but if they do. How on earth do you make them into the squishy, mouldable wraps you know they can be? What does ‘breaking in your woven wrap’ mean?


The term ‘breaking in’ means to soften up the wrap and can take anything from a few days wearing to quite some time beating it into submission – depending on the brand or fibres of the wrap. Wrapping with an unbroken in wrap can be harder, it doesn’t tend to mould as well, has a tendency to dig and generally feels hard and not so pleasant to wrap with.


Here are 13 ways to get that wrap softer than silk!



Braid your wrap


How to break in a wrap


Like all material with use it begins to sofen, braiding mimics use and repeatedly braiding helps it to soften up faster.




Roll it on a Bannister



How to break in a woven wrap


Using the friction of movement your can utilise an Bannister to break in your woven wrap. Just be careful with silks, wools and wraps that are pron to pulling.




Jump on it!


How to break in a woven wrap - Jump on it


You can jump on your wrap to soften it up (or get your kids to), by doing this you are moving the fabric, creating friction and helping the fabric to soften up. Epecially great for Linen or hemp wraps!




Use it as a Table Hammock


How to break in your woven wrap - use it as a hammock

This is possibly the most fun for kids, tie the woven wrap on a table in a secure double knot and let the kids swing to there hearts content.



Wash It


How to break in your woven wrap - wash it


One of the most simple ways to break in your woven wrap. Wash it. The act of the washing removes any residue from the tread and softens up the fabric ready for wearing.




Iron it!


How to break in a woven wrap - iron it


If like us you hate ironing this will be your least favourite, but warmth and heat can be the perfect catalyst to help a cotton, or linen wrap soften up quicker! Jusr remember silk and wool shouldn’t be ironed on anything except a low heat.




Sit on it!


How to break in a wove wrap - sit on it


You can sit on it lay on it or get your kid to do it for you. Stretching out that fabric and getting in wrapping ready!





Tumble it!


How to break in your woven wrap - tumble it


When tumbling a wrap you should ensure its on a low heat with tennis or dryer balls. These help to massage the wrap and loosen the fabric.




Send it Travelling!


how to break in a woven wrap - send it travelling

Not got time to break a wrap in? Send it travelling to a friend to get them to break it in for you. The babywearing community is full of families only willing to break in your woven wrap!





Wrap with it


Babywearing benefits


Another easy way to break in your woven wrap is to wrap with it. It will eventually break in with repeated use.



You could also use it as a blanket first, pop it over your baby at naptime or when they are in the carseat or pram. The more you use it the softer it will become. Got any other idea’s to break in a woven wrap? Why not tell us in the comments below!






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