Can i babywear when pregnant?


Can i wear my child when i am pregnant? Is a question i am often asked, and the answer is simply – yes.

If you have never carried before its something i would advise to build up with time as a maternal body can injure easily due to the amount of Relaxin hormones it has. Relaxin is the hormone that gets the mothers body ready to accommodate the growing baby and help with birth. However it does make the chance of strains and injury higher unless the mother is aware to listen to her body.

In the early days a mother will tire easily, so many will choose not to during this time until they are over this phase. However if you choose to carry during this time, for the most part there is no carrier that would be advised not using as the uterus is  hidden deep in the pelvis during this time.

In the middle trimester whilst the belly is still relatively small carrying won’t be an issue but as the growing uterus expands you will need to be aware that tying will have to be either above or below your bump. You will get a feel quickly for what is comfortable and what is not. Front carries, depending on the size of your child and the style of carrier can be slightly more tricky. Wide waist bands can be prohibitive for larger bellies, where as a ring sling or woven wrap can be tied to avoid larger amounts of material at the waist as can a Mei Tai.

If during this time you decide to hip carry, its worth tying higher and ensuring little feet and legs do not swing and kick your tummy.

In the last trimester when the belly is at its largest most women choose a back carry as this can be the most comfortable, even in a structured carrier the waist band can be placed high above the uterus. Many mums find Ruck carries with woven wraps, where any waist ties are swapped for Tibetan or No tie easier. Ring Slings on the back is also a preferred method as it has no waist pressure.

In the last few months as the levels of relaxin peak its very important to listen carefully to your body to avoid injury.

Babywearing in pregnancy is a great practise and allows you to maintain a close relationship with your child when you cannot be as mobile as you were pre-pregnancy.

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