Choosing Sleepwear for Your Baby


Choosing the correct sleepwear for babies can help them, and the rest of the family get a good night’s sleep. New-born infants require specialised clothing to accommodate their unique needs, but with so many baby sleepwear options now available to parents, deciding what’s best for your child can be difficult. Toddler and baby sleeping bags have become very popular recently for a number of reasons, along with a return to sleepwear made from natural and organic materials.

The First Year

Establishing a healthy sleep pattern at an early age is essential to your baby’s growth and development. For very small babies, a one-piece pyjama suit with incorporated feet is among the most practical garments to choose. Babies should also have mittens on their hands to prevent them from scratching themselves with their sharp fingernails. Two-piece pyjamas should be avoided due to the risk of causing suffocation, as the top part can rise up and cover the face. Also, the elastic waistline of the bottoms can irritate the delicate umbilical area.

Swaddling is a traditional method used for very young infants. It solves the scratching problem by keeping the hands bound next to the body and it has been proven to assist in establishing healthy sleep patterns by stopping babies from awakening themselves with their startle reflex. Swaddling also mimics the security of the mother’s womb helping young babies to settle, and there are many modern designs available, which are really easy to use.

The Right Sleepwear as Your Baby Grows

Baby sleepwear is one if the things you’ll have to buy frequency as your child grows, as pyjamas should be close fitting to avoid the risk of suffocation and to decrease the fire risk. Choose all-in-one pyjamas with front fastening in the correct size and without lots of adornments which could irritate your baby. Baby sleepwear that is too big and loose blankets can increase the risk of SIDS, which has also been related to babies that are overheated.

Baby sleeping bags are a good option because they eliminate the need for other blankets, which can become bunched up and cause discomfort, and also have the risk of causing suffocation. The Go Go Bag™ is a particularly good option with a soft Merino wool lining and an organic cotton exterior. Sleeping bags also eliminate the danger of your child trapping his leg between the cot bars while allowing free hip and leg movements. Using a baby sleeping bag can help to establish healthy sleeping patterns as the baby associate the bag with comfort, safety and rest. Just putting him into his bag will let him know that it is time to rest and go to sleep.

After the age of one year, the risk of SIDS decreases and toddler sleepwear can be two-piece pyjamas. As your toddler will soon be moving out of the snug safety of their cot and into a real bed do make sure that the pyjamas are of an adequate material for the temperature in their room. Merino toddler clothing is ideal, as are toddler sleeping bags, which are available in different sizes to accommodate your child as they grow.


The Advantages of Natural Fabrics

Natural fabrics such as cotton, bamboo and wool help to maintain a comfortable healthy temperature for your baby, and if your child has eczema or very sensitive skin you might want to opt for Merino sleepwear, which is extremely soft and does not irritate. As young babies can have trouble controlling their own body temperature, it is equally important that they are neither too hot nor too cold. Alongside aiding in regulating body temperature, Merino sleepwear also breathes, so that your child will never feel clammy, and like all natural fabrics it is fire retardant. If you do choose a synthetic fabric for your baby’s sleepwear or baby blankets do make sure that it meets the required fire safety regulations which are displayed on a yellow label.

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