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4 images showing our Digital Babywearing Magazine

Each issue we cover varying aspects of using a baby carrier, from safety to pictorial how to’s. It doesn’t matter if you are a complete novice or professional, we have something that will suit everyone. All articles are written by professionals within the babywearing industry, giving you insight into this fast-growing trend towards an alternative way to transport your child. Helping you free up your hands and get on with life. Interested in new brands and reviews? Each issue we look at upcoming styles and even go over classics. All this for FREE.

4 images showing our Digital Babywearing Magazine

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We love babywearing and our digital babywearing magazine brings everything we love together in one place. Each issue we look into different aspects of babywearing and carrying, though helpful, informative articles, you can really get a feel for what is current in the community. We get to know the people behind popular brands and give you advice on how to wear carrier through different methods of putting them on or by exploring the reasons behind certain beliefs or ideas. We wrap this all up with beautiful images of babywearers and an easy to read text, to help make your experience enjoyable. What’s more, we do this for you for FREE. We do not limit who can read our magazine through subscription or payment. Anyone anywhere can enjoy what we offer. Even better, you can download our magazine for FREE too, and enjoy it at a time when you want to, even without access to the internet.



All our articles are written by babywearing professional and those within the industry, so you can always trust that what you are reading has been carefully constructed to be inline with the most up-to-date safety advice. We firmly believe in empowering parents and those wishing to babywear and through our magazine we achieve this.



We are the FIRST ever Digital Babywearing Magazine and have 5 years of experience in producing babywearing magazines, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.




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