Empowering the babywearer


Empower (verb)

To give someone official authority or the freedom to do something

I am lucky to have been trained by one of THE most empowering women in the babywearing community. It’s this empowerment that i want to pass onto anyone i come into contact with. I want people to challenge the so called ‘rules’ and show that in fact times change, views evolve and so should we as professionals and babywearers .

Empowerment for anything, not just babywearing, is how we teach people to think outside the confides of the general consensus, its what emboldens us, its gives us the confidence and conviction to challenge and ultimately show that just because a view is held doesn’t mean it can’t be changed for the better.

There are so many babywearing myths, but happily a lot less than there used to be, thanks mostly to the tireless work of those willing to push the boundaries and show another way. A few years ago i challenged the general consensus that stretch wraps could indeed be used to back wrap. I received quite a back-lash at the time, from professionals and babywearers alike. Some of the same people have now changed their views on this, and i am glad that they have chose the route of empowerment rather the old stagnant views.

Whilst babywearing is as old as time, the resurfacing of it is still in the early days. In the 5 years since i started a Sling Library i have seen a huge explosion in babywearing. The once stigma of it is finally being challenged and, as celebrities get involved, so the circle widens and acceptance of it flourishes.

Empowering families to make choices that work for them whether it be wearing their child for a few weeks in the early days or teaching a mum how to breastfeed in a sling, so she can do the school run with ease, or even giving options for soft structured carriers that will fit from newborn to school age, its about keeping options open, and ensuring a parent knows that whatever their choice, if it works for them then THAT’S the best choice.

So i ask you will you be on the side of empowerment or the side of general consensus? Will you challenge or stick with the old methods because they work so why fix what’s not broken?

Whatever your choice i empower you to be the supportive voice and not the critical person who points out the flaws.

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