European Babywearing Week 2018 – Empowering Babywearers Everywhere


Its the second annual European Babywearing Week, and this year’s theme is ‘carrying connects’


European Babywearing Week, is a week of celebrations around Europe where communities get together to not only celebrate but promote just how life-changing babywearing can be! This year marks the second event of it’s kind in Europe and Day one got off to a flying start!


Every day we will be setting our own challenge and sharing other EBW18 posts from giveaways to empowering posts that make you celebrate our beautiful community. Want to get involved? Why not pop along to and download your own personal EBW Twibbon for social media or to find out what is going on in your area. Using the hashtag #ebw18 or #carryingconnects will help you also find events that haven’t been advertised on the official website.





Carrying Connects



This year’s theme particularly resounded with me as i feel that it’s through babywearing that my own family learned to connect on a level i didn’t know was possible. Having 5 children, 2 older and 3 younger babywearing allowed the older children to take part in the looking after of each younger child.


We integrated carrying into our lives through not only by physically wearing our children but also through play. I especially wanted my son’s to learn the importance of a fathers role in raising children. In our culture we often overlook the importance a father role within a family, beyond financial contributions. Wearing a child in a sling really enforces that father-child bond, notably the empowerment they feel that the mother is not the only one to be able to pacify a child and the ability to be able to give their partner some time-out after a long day.





These sorts of bonds, of course, are not exclusive to babywearing, however, the help to expedite them in a totally natural and empowering way. The bonds are not limited to fathers either. Grandparents, siblings, cousins or even friends can form a bond through babywearing and hopefully one day, slings and carriers will be as mainstream as pushing a pram or holding a baby.


European babywearing Week is helping to popularize babywearing amongst Europe, through formed partnerships and the sharing of safety and skills. To find out more on European Babywearing Week go to



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