Eco Responsible Toys – Fun With Wood


Hape toys are an environmentally responsible company who specialise in eco-friendly wooden toys that last all children can through at them.


We had the chance to test out both the Hape Pull along Giraffe and the Hape Pull along Caterpillar.



Hape Pull Along Giraffe

This sturdy wooden Giraffe is the perfect size for small hands, brightly coloured this friendly animal will brighten up any child’s day. The wheels are nice and study and the wood is thick and looks like it will withstand a lot of play. My little one immediately started to bang it on the floor at first whilst exploring what it was. She quickly realised it rolled and started to use in in a ‘car like’ manner rolling it about on the floor. She stopped to explore the wheels and happily pushed the wheels round exploring further their function.


I took her about 10 minutes to realise she could pull the toy about and spend a happy half and hour running through the house with the giraffe following her. The wide base means it doesn’t fall over easily.



Exploring the Giraffe by pushing it about on the floor.



Getting the hang of pulling the Giraffe string

Overall my little girl has loved playing with the Giraffe.

The Hape Caterpillar



The Caterpillar


The pull along caterpillar looked very interesting. It had cogs that made up the body of the caterpillar and these rolled around as the caterpillar is moved about. My daughter immediately took them apart and explored the cogs, banging them on the floor, rolling them about and studying how they worked independently from each other. I placed them back a good few times before she decided to use the caterpillar to move around in a ‘car like’ movement, before she quickly got up and pulled it about behind her. She was really interested in how the cogs worked and kept walking and stopping looking at what was happening.



Exploring the cogs.



Figuring out how the cogs work together with the caterpillar.

Overall we all loved the caterpillar, even the older kids. Its really durable, easily cleaned and eye-catching. The fact its sourced from wood and the company work to a very ecological ethos is something we very much covet when purchasing gifts for our children and were not disappointed by Hape’s 2 toys.

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