International Babywearing Week 2017


Monday see’s the start of International Babywearing Week 2017 and this year the theme is Threaded Together. Showing how intertwined we all are within the babywearing community.



We have decided to bring the fun this week and set you a week of babywearing challenges! Are you up for some fun but most of all to show how threaded together we all are?



Our schedule for international babywearing week 2017



The idea behind the challenges is we really raise awareness of what babywearing is and how much it can bring to a families life. Babywearing still has a long way to go before it is completely mainstream and a good alternative to the pram. The only way we can really get this word out en masse is during international babywearing week 2017, when posts have the ability to be amplified and go viral through the sheer mass of involvement.



So we are asking you to get involved with us over on our Facebook page every day through our challenges. They won’t take long but have the ability to really get people chatting and sharing their experiences.



  • Monday – Share with us what your first carrier was, you can even tag in a brand to let them know their carrier helped you start their journey!

  • Tuesday – Tag the person or people who have most impacted you in your babywearing journey. It could be a friend a sling professional or a brand. Let them know how thankful you are!

  • Wednesday – Wish List Wednesday, What is on your wishlist? Are you still saving for it or will it a remain a wish as you are nearing the end of your journey? Let us know.

  • Thursday – Throwback Thursday, We want to see your throwbacks to your past babywearing experiences. It doesn’t matter if they are not perfect we still want to see them!

  • Friday – Share-a-tip Friday, what piece of advice can you give someone else to help them with their journey?

  • Saturday – Share Saturday – Issue 10 of our babywearing magazine is out today and we are asking you to help us promote it by sharing a post on it.Let’s make this the most read issue yet!

  • Sunday – Wrap Challenge  – Head over to Facebook and see what we have up our sleeve today, the last day of international babywearing week 2017


Will you be joining us? If so let us know in the comments below. Keep an eye out of Facebook as we will be going LIVE every day too!



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