Last Night We Read A Whole Book


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I love reading and always have, from a young child before i could even understand the words in a book, i would look at the pictures and make up stories. I remember being as young as 3 doing this. My favourite story was that of Louis Pasteur and how he invented the cure for rabies. Not exactly fairy-tale reading but even at a young age i loved to learn.

Our house is full of kids books, having saved all the books we have bought over 20 years, you can imagine there is a air few hundred for us to read. My 2 boys have a particular love of Julia Donaldson, and we have many of these in our collection.

‘What the ladybird heard next’ is one particular story my boys loved, has been a particular favourite, owing to its beautiful illustrations and numerous farmyard animals that most young kids find alluring. Until now though, my daughter who is coming up for 2 has not been interested in.

She is a rambunctious 1 year old, crawled and 5 months, walked at 11 and has been jumping, climbing and generally keeping us on our toes or adding more grey hairs since she became mobile. Looking at books hasn’t really been something she is interested in.

We decided a few days ago that as she is almost 2, it would be a great time to get her into her own room. We loved having her in with us, but as she likes to sleep late in the morning and i have to be up at  7am to get the other kids ready for school, it would work all round if she had her own space.

To help get her in a routine i decided to do the 3 B’s Bath, Book and Boob! After her bath we choose a book and i pulled out’ What the ladybird heard next’ and she happily carried it to my room where we lay on the bed to read. I expected to get perhaps 1-2 pages in. Thanks to the colourful pictures though, she sat and listened as i read and discussed the animals and she excitedly followed the ladybirds journey through the book.

We sat for 15  minutes (a lifetime in a wiggly 1 years old’s world) and she absorbed everything i said and did. It was amazing. Then we boobed before she happily let me put her in her bed and dropped off to sleep whilst i work on my ipad. It was a perfect end to a lovely evening and one i hope i can repeat every night!

Not already got this book? Click the image to be taken through to Amazon for purchase!

What books do you love to read with your little ones? Please let me know in the comments so i can check out other great books.

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