New Babywearing Book – A baby wants to be carried


Dr Evelin Kirkilionis, who has worked on the subject of carrying babies and the basic needs of children for more than twenty years, explains why babies expect to be carried and respond so well to it – they have been designed for it over millions of years of human evolution.

Carrying your baby – in a sling, wrap or other carrier – is more than just a convenient means of transport. From our hunter-gather ancestors to the present day, when a vast array of baby carriers can be found in stores and on the internet, in some ways little has changed. Held close to the body of a familiar caregiver, babies thrive on the sense of security they feel as they interact – on their own terms – with their surroundings.

Dr Evelin Kirkilonis has written a new book; A baby wants to be carried, to back up her thoughts, findings and experience.

Advance copies of A BABY WANTS TO BE CARRIED (published August 2014) will be available to purchase at the workshops or pre-order direct from the publishers Pinter & Martin Ltd  – visit us at

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