15 Skills Playing Games Can Teach A Child


In the age of modern technology playing simple games with children is something that is somewhat of a lost art. Parents swapping hands on fun for technological fun and learning.


Whilst tablets and computers have advantages, there is nothing Iike a good old-fashioned game to teach a child a variety of skills that perhaps would be sidelined if we solely focus on technology.


Children need to move to get the brain REALLY firing. This is where good old-fashioned games come in.  We recently had a chance to play a game we had never played before. Giant Pass The Pigs. A super fun yet simple idea. Where we threw 2 inflatable pigs in the air and calculated, according to how they landed, our scores.


Image from above of a child sitting down writing in a white book.


Whilst watching my children play this game I lost count of how many skills this game was helping the kids to fine tune.


Taking turns
Data entry


At 7 and 6 both boys have a good level of literacy and the older one is a very competent reader. They instructions to the game where very easily distinguishable on the box and it took very little time for them to figure out how the game was played. Of course, with younger children you could teach how the game is played. I allowed both boys the opportunity to find this out for themselves.


2 boys holding inflatable pigs in a garden with a trampoline behind them.


They both took to the task with fervor and happily blew up the pigs, with only a small amount of help needed to get the plug into the pig and stop the air coming back out.


After a good few minutes just throwing the pigs about in a jolly fashion giggling. They set about playing the game. Taking turns to throw the pigs and helping each other with the deciphering of how many points they had thrown and entering it into the booklet.


They allowed their younger sister to play along. Although the game isn’t made for under 3’s, we all watched her carefully whilst she played along.


For a deceptively simple game, the skills they had to use were far more than any computer game, and they were on the move the whole time in the fresh outdoor air. Since then, they have played several of their own made up games and continue to utilise the game beyond its original intended use.


Giant Pass the pigs retails at around £15 and is a great game for all ages. It is more suited as a garden game. However, they have a smaller version that has small hand sized plastic pigs, but has the same rules. This is more suited for indoors and comes with a handy box to keep all the parts together.


pass the pigs game containing 2 pencils, 2 miniature pigs, a book and a silver oblong container to keep in it.


Did my children enjoy the game? Check out the video below and make your own mind up.





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Website: www.passthepigsofficial.com



Pinnable image of 2 boys holding a pass the pig game with text over reading, giant pass the pig review



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