Real Nappy Week 2013


[one_third]As real nappy week 2013 draws to a close, it’s been yet another successful push to spread the word about cloth nappies. There was over 60 cloth nappy vendors involved in Clotholopy, a game were the public had to visit, either websites or facebook pages of the vendors involved, to find a letter that once all collected makes a phrase. The phrase could then be imputed  to gain the participant another entry into a prize draw! At my last count 130,000 people had entered!

Modern Cloth nappies have been around for many years, far from the days of terry squares and nappy pins, modern cloth nappies are sophisticated and extremely beautiful.[/one_third][one_third] It’s a sad fact that 8 million disposable nappies are thrown away in the UK alone every day. And it takes 200-500 years for each nappy to decompose. Luckily there is a growing trend of nappy users in the UK and each year this number gets bigger, events such as real nappy week highlight just how not only environmentally astute cloth nappies are but how much fun they are too. It’s also far more financially sound to use cloth nappies than disposables.

Over the 2.5 years most children are in nappies, you could save upwards of £1500. And the savings increase if the cloth nappies are kept and used on subsequent children.[/one_third]

[one_third_last]That’s not the only saving, swap from shop bought wipes to reusable wipes and again you could save another £300 over the same length of time. Cloth couldn’t be simpler, to start all you need is a lidded bucket, enough nappies to be washed every other day and you are good to go. No need to soak, just rinse in a cold cycle, wash on a normal 30 degree cycle with 1/2 the amount of detergent you would use on a clothes and dry your nappies. Sunlight is a natural stain remover and kills any lurking bacteria. Of course you can tumble dry your nappies, but why not save even more money and get them outside![/one_third_last] 


These are some of the thing mum’s using cloth nappies told us:

“There is nothing cuter than a newborn in a tots bots story print Teenyfit”

Collette Griffin

“They don’t leak, they look fab, we don’t get nappy rash and if it wasn’t for my addiction to very very pretty nappies they would save us money but they do sell pre-loved when we’ve potty trained”

Victoria Gauld

“Because the nasty chemicals in disposables are linked to cancer and can cause chemical burns and nappy rash. I’m saving the planet by reducing the amount of nappies going to landfill and saving money. Anything seen as disposable is not made very well as its designed to be thrown away. My babies bottom is far too precious to have anything made out of cheap nasty plastic chemicals on it.”

Samantha Mowle

“It was the only way I stopped my baby’s bum bleeding he is allergy to something in disposables”

 Lyndie Gibson

“Its something you can do and share with your baby in their first few years, it becomes a hobby, a passion and involves you in a community. I doubt there are disposable appreciation groups.” 

Charlotte Dixon 

“It’s been such an amazing Real Nappy Week this year, we were especially excited with it being Fluffy Bum Boutique’s first! There has been so much effort put in by retailers and cloth users alike to make it fantastically fun, whilst also raising awareness of cloth nappies and their many benefits.”

Jenny West Owner at Fluffy Bum Boutique

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