A Revolutionary Way To Stay Germ Free!


AQUAINT is a revolutionary and award-winning sanitising water that’s been a game changer in the anti-bac world. It is the UK’s first and safest 100% natural sanitising spray to bust winter bugs when there’s no soap or water nearby. Killing 99.9% of bacteria in seconds, it is formulated with none of the harsh chemicals, preservatives or alcohol found in many other hand sanitizers. AQUAINT is a highly effective yet completely natural, germ-busting hand and surface sanitizer to help halt the spread of germs and bugs – it’s as safe as drinking water so can be used by children without adult supervision. It’s used for the obvious areas such as hands but also great for surfaces (kitchens, toilet seats) and products such as toothbrushes, makeup brushes and baby bottles

Recommended by UK doctors, the AQUAINT formulation was developed and first launched in Japan. UK based customers and health professionals are now flocking to stock up on the breakthrough formulation that is endorsed by Allergy UK as an allergy friendly product and is also so safe it has passed official UK Drinking Water tests, making it the safest sanitizer available on the high street. The simple and ingenious formula contains just water to cleanse and one other ingredient that mimics the body’s immune system. Hypochlorous Acid1 is naturally produced by the human body to fight bacteria and germs, and when combined with water provides a highly effective anti-bacterial agent that’s gentle enough to use on new-born babies, harmless if ingested, yet powerful enough to destroy even the most dangerous of germs and bacteria including E. Coli and Norovirus.

AQUAINT is available from Boots, Ocado, Mothercare, Babies R Us, NCT, Amazon, Jojo Maman Bebe, Vital Baby and directly from aquaint-uk/com. It comes in two sizes – a handy 50ml £2.49 spray to keep in bags on the go and a larger 500ml £4.99 spray for all the family to use at home.

Our testers said:

‘I have looked around for something that i can use to sanitise everything and found nothing without a highly perfumed or alcohol smell. When i was sent the Acquaint i was so happy. We are still illness free into early October, lets see if this continues into the winter!’ – Trinity + Bobby (36 months)

I was sceptical about this product as i am very aware of the link between gut flora and the increased usage of anti bacterials, but i was pleasantly surprised. So much so i have bought a large bottle. I love that i can happily use it to clean up then spray on my childs hands. I use in everywhere.’ Sam + Grace (14 months)


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