Babywearing Siblings – How To Encourage Sibling Bonding


As a parent, we often have worries that once a new baby comes along our older children will feel pushed aside. It’s natural to feel this way and want to do whatever we can to encourage sibling bonding. That is where allowing a child to put their sibling in a carrier comes in.


We often panic when kids pick up a baby, loitering around them giving the impression we do not trust them. A sling can not only be a great way to allow a child to hold their siblings safely. But it also encourages self-confidence, awareness of a babies needs and a secure bond. If you are worried about your child being jealous of a new baby CLICK HERE for some more advice.


When encouraging a child to use a sling in order to strengthen sibling bonding, you must take into account the following issues:


That the sling you are using fits the child well
That the infant in the sling is not too heavy for the child
That the sling is used in accordance with the T.I.C.K.S guidelines
That the sibling wants to do it


Older siblings such as teens really excel with the independence, knowing that they can help look after a baby confidently. Allowing a parent to rest or undertake other tasks safe in the knowledge the baby  is safe and secure. It can be a huge boost to an older child’s self-esteem.


Creating a secure bond with other family members can really help cement a family together. It also helps the infant to feel safe and secure around many different family members and helps them grow in confidence in unfamiliar situations or when separated from the family.


Woven or stretch wraps are great for adapting to varying body shapes and sizes and can be useful when allowing your older child to wear their sibling. They are easy to tie and mould well around the wearer creating a safe, snug and secure pouch for baby.


Buckled carriers can also be a great alternative and can quickly be learned by an older child, meaning they can eventually put the child in the sling themselves without adult intervention. Thus growing their self-confidence and independence further.


Although babywearing siblings is not something that is regularly seen in western parenting, it’s a practice that is undertaken in other countries frequently. The famous African saying “It takes a village to raise a child” really bares relevance to sibling babywearing. By emboldening our children to take an active role in teaching their siblings and bonding with them. We are positively inputting into some life lessons that will be drawn upon throughout their whole life.


If you have any more questions on siblings wearing a sling, pop them in the comments section below.


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