11 Ultimate Stretchy Wrap Videos For New Parents


Getting your first stretchy wrap can be met with both excitement and in trepidation. The sways of 5 metres of material can be scary, and it can be hard for new parents to navigate how to wrap using it for the first few times. Youtube is awesome for videos, but which ones are the best of a great lot. Which shows the easier techniques and which are the safest to follow are some of the questions I am often asked. I thought it may be of help to do a rundown of 11 ultimate stretchy wrap videos for new parents. In no particular order, but show various techniques that can be used when learning to wrap.



1-way vs 2-way stretchy wraps



Before starting out it is a good idea to know what kind of stretchy wap you have. The easiest way to tell is the pull test. Grab your wrap and pull on both the width and length. If it stretches well on both, its a 2-way stretchy wrap. If it only stretches well on the width but not length. It’s a 1-way stretchy wrap.



The relevance here is that a 2-way stretchy wrap will be more forgiving to a poor wrap job and is easier to pull to get baby in, whilst wrapping. A 1-way stretchy wrap is in no way the lesser option of course. They are particularly good for wrapping a heavier baby, although can be slightly hard to pull slack from when placing baby in.



‘M’ Positioning


Getting a good position when your child is in the carrier is vital. The M position is where the child’s bottom sits lower than their knee’s, similar to the position you would sit in a hammock.  It’s also advisable to make sure the hips, spine, neck and head are all inline. This, along with a suitably tight wrap can help to ensure the airway of the child is not compromised.  To learn more about optimum positioning read here. 






These videos offer a multitude of methods and advice, which can be used to further your learning. So have a watch of a few and see which one suits your style of learning. If you have any questions or would like to share another video please pop them in the comments below.



Pinnable image of mother wearing her child in a strechy wrap



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