12 Summer Holiday Boredom Busters For Kids


The summer holidays have started and your kids are starting to moan they are getting bored. A recent study shows that kids are getting bored by as little as ten days into the holidays. How are you going to keep them occupied for another 4+ weeks?


Go swimming


Swimming is a great way to get kids tired out during the holidays, whether you have a local pool or outdoor lido, spending. A couple of hours swimming is a certain boredom buster. Not sure where your local swimming pool is? Click the image below!


2 young girls wearing sunglasses and swimming ring, splashing in a swimming pool.

Find Your Local Swimming Pool Easily.


Investigate local history


Most towns have an element of history about them, so why not do some research about your local town and then go out to visit the places you have found out about. Libraries or local heritage centres can be great for finding out little secrets about your town. Building a Lapbook with what you have found can be a great activity and something to keep to look back on. Take a camera with you to get the kids to try taking interesting photos. Home School Share have some great Printable Lapbooks.


Explore your town


Do you know your town ? The chances are there is a good bit of where you live that you haven’t visited or don’t know about, get out on foot or bike and explore, find new undiscovered roads, lanes or fields. You may discover interesting houses or an undiscovered park? Need a print out of your town? Try Street Maps.


Have a bug hunt


Younger kids love to hunt for bugs. A bucket and a steady hand can find bugs in the garden. You can add to the fun by identifying unknown insects using an encyclopaedia. For a more in depth experience you can buy magnifying glasses and see through containers to explore the insects and name the different parts of their bodies. The Woodland Trust Website is an amazing resource for bug hunt activities!


Create a bug hotel or butterfly garden


If your little ones are really into bug hunting perhaps you could build a bug hotel. These can be as simple or complicated as you would like. For an easier hotel you can collect old stick and wood from your garden or when out in a forest walk and stack them up on the ground. The idea is to create a compact structure that bugs can take refuge in from predators and weather. More complicated hotels can be build with bamboo, straw and wood to create a structure that could be mounted on a wall. The RSPB Website has a great step by step guide to building your own. Or purchase a pre-made one and watch the bugs move in.


A large round wooden cable holder with wire wrapped round it and branches and twigs put inside to make an area for insects to live.

Researching and planting an area in your garden with bee and butterfly friendly flowers is fun for all ages. It’s also a task that can motivate kids throughout the holidays as they water and look after their flowers and learn about different species of bees and butterflies. . Teaching kids the value of conservation and fun a garden can hold is great for all ages, young and old. A Buglife Website is a great resource  for bug and butterfly friendly gardens, with amazing printables too!.


Day out at the beach


The seaside is full of fun and as its the summer holidays its a great place to visit.  Kids love the simplicity of a bucket and spade. Why not make a huge sandcastle and moat, decorating it with shells you have found and flags. If you live near a stony beach you can build a castle with the stones or go crabbing in the rock pools. Want more ideas? Why not visit The Website Gift Of Curiosity for a great printable!


family all holding hands at the waters edge of a sandy beach


Boxes of fun


Visit you local supermarket and pick up some boxes, then let your kids imaginations run wild. Build a house, car or even a castle. For younger children let them colour the boxes, it’s hours of fun and free. Buzzfeed have some amazing ideas for what you can make from boxes, check in our below!


Boy sitting in a box on laminate flooring

For 31 ideas for boxes click this image.


Get dressing up


Visit your local charity or thrift shop and purchase some clothing to dress up with, you could plan a special costume, like princesses or war evacuee and see what you can buy that makes you look like that character. If you have the skills why not try your hand a sewing a costume? Teaching a child sewing can help with finer motor skills and safety with scissors and needles. Need some inspiration? Try Kids Activities Blog for some amazing ideas!


Have tea party


Vintage crockery, teapots and cakes. Or even your good old plastic toy tea sets and water and pretend. You could design some invites and invite a friend or relative over. Or just make believe you are having a tea party. Get your little one to plan the food, make some cakes or help set up. Pinterest has some amazing ideas.


Stay cool and have a water fight


When it gets hot a water fight is a fun way to cool down. Water balloons and guns, buckets with water or home made water guns like an empty spray or washing up bottle make perfect impromptu water weapon.


Multi coloured ballons filled with water in a large blue metal bowl.

Have some fun  bubble blowing


Everyone loves bubbles, and you can buy some great kits that can produce a variation of sized bubbles from tiny one to super sized ones, you can even make your own bubbles and bubble blowers. Homemade bubbles are also fun to make we have a free printable recipes for you here.


summer holiday

To download the printable version click on this image.


Baking a cake


Baking together can help a child learn so many wonderful things, from maths and reading to the importance of hygiene and kitchen safety. Plus they have the pride of knowing they made something and the fun of eating it after. Check out The BBC Food Website for some great simple kids recipes.


A wooden table with dough and flour on it, the dough is cut into shapes


The holidays don’t need to be about spending oodles of money, just spending a few valuable hours each day filling their little emotional cups will help to keep them boredom free and happy.  For another 57 ideas to beat boredom  why not visit Mummies Waiting for your FREE Ebook!

Get outside this summer and swap the screentime for family funtime!


Are there any ideas you are going to try? Tell us about it in the comments below.


Pinnable image of a boy with a hat on playing with aplastic truck on the beach with text reading, 12 summer holiday boredom busters.


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