Supu Woven Wrap Review


SUPU – It’s not going to be long before this name is well-known on the woven wrap scene, i can guarantee you that. We were very lucky to host a Supu wrap over the summer and i have to say, I LOVED IT! Now i will be completely honest, i do not really get the love of high end wraps. Beyond Ali Dover wraps, i am kind of lost of why anyone would pay a high amount for a woven wrap, and why they are coveted so much.

I see the beauty in them and understand the reason for the high price, but for me babywearing is a functional means to an end, so the need for an expensive anything, well i struggle to justify it.

That said…. I loved the SUPU and i would class it as high end, but without the ludicrously high price. Whats more, they are really pretty.

Jess Anderson is the person behind SUPU. Originally from New Zealand, she is now a resident in Manchester and having chatted to her personally on the phone, i felt immediately that this brand was going to be highly sought after. If a person takes the time to chat to ‘lil ole me’ about their product, they are clearly wanting to get as much feed back as possible in order to expand and improve, and to me that’s a real sign of genius.


The Supu Woven is inspired by a peacock feather, which is clearly evident in the design of the wrap. 100% ethically sourced cotton, i was told the wrap does have a tendency to pull as its a slightly looser weave, but for me i found this not to be the case, if anyone will pull a wrap, its bound to be me, i didn’t with this wrap at all. My first impression where it felt thick in hand and i will admit i thought ‘oh no’ as thick wraps just are not my thing, they wrap short and i am a poor short wrapper (mostly as i am a large size 14). This all changed when i wrapped with it… it wrapped perfectly, just enough resistance to hold but silky enough to slide through in a double hammock easily. My daughter felt light and even when wearing her for 2 hours the wrap felt super comfortable. Cushy on the shoulders and despite it being a relatively warm day at the end of summer, my daughter (who doesn’t like being hot) was happy the whole time.

The Flight Collection is yet to be released but the first 2 colourways will be Blue and Red ( Storm and Fire) which i just love and cannot wait to see in the flesh. I am very much a SUPU convert and will be first in line to purchase one of these wraps for my own personal collection.

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