The Top 5 Books For Mum’s This Christmas


Are you stuck for what to buy the mum in your life? Books are something you can rarely get wrong. Most mum’s whether they are first-timers or old-hats will always appreciate the time takjen to choose a good book. Even more so when they book helps with their own personal journey. We have compiled a list of 5 books that are must have’s for the mum in your life.


The Expansion Game by Gosia Gorna




Being a mum can mean you sometimes lose your own identity, and whilst we don’t mind this, it is always great to be reminded we are more than just a mum, wife or daughter. The Expansion game can transform your life and free you from fear of failure not being good enough and being judged. The book will help you live your best life!



Buy The Expansion Game on Amazon



Inside Out Parenting by Dr Holan Liang




Would you like to raise a child that has a solid foundation of self-esteem?Inside out parenting is a witty blend of hard science and professional point of view, combined to help you navigate parenting and give your child the best chance at a successful life with a solid core of self-esteem.



Buy Inside Out Parenting on Amazon




Mindfulness For Parents by Amber Hatch




Parenting can be stressful in our fast-paced lives, being mindful can really help reduce this stress and help us remain present and in control when parenting, even when the world is not such.This practical book can help you regain your control and parent in a more positive and calm manner.



Buy Mindfulness For Parents on Amazon




The Baby Detective by Sarah Norris




You are the expert on your baby and with the help of this book you can become a super sleuth and find the way to care for your baby that suits you, your beliefs and your whole family.



BUy The Baby Detective on Amazon




The Gardener and The Carpenter by Alison Gopnik




Caring deeply about our children is part of what makes us human. Yet the thing we call “parenting” is a surprisingly new invention. In the past thirty years, the concept of parenting and the multibillion dollar industry surrounding it have transformed child care into obsessive, controlling, and goal-oriented labor intended to create a particular kind of child and therefore a particular kind of adult. In The Gardener and the Carpenter, the pioneering developmental psychologist and philosopher Alison Gopnik argues that the familiar twenty-first-century picture of parents and children is profoundly wrong–it’s not just based on bad science, it’s bad for kids and parents, too.



Buy The Gardener and The Carpenter on Amazon


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