What is in Your Kids Breakfast?


Salt Awareness Week: Children getting a third of their salt before school

In preparation for Salt Awareness Week, next week (20th – 26th March) DW Fitness has found that children could be getting a third of their recommended salt allowance before they even get to school.

For children aged 4-6, the NHS recommends no more than 3g of salt per day.

A serving of 30g of cereal contains:

• Kelloggs Krave = 12% of your child’s recommended salt intake (6% for adults)
• Rice Krispies = 12% of your child’s recommended salt intake (6% for adults)
• Cheerios = 10% of your child’s recommended salt intake (5% for adults)
• Coco Krispies = 8% of your recommended salt intake (4% for adults)

Manufacturers list salt content per 30g, but that’s a very modest portion size, for a hungry child (and aren’t they all!) It would be very easy to eat two or three times that.
So if a child had a large bowl of Rice Krispies (100g) that would be 1.13g of salt, over a third of their daily allowance.

To make matters worse, parents that are mistakenly giving their children orange juice as a healthy morning drink, may be surprised to know that they are doing more harm than good.
Children aged 4-6 years should only be getting 19g of a sugar a day (5 cubes)
Tropicana contains 13.4g of sugar per serving and Innocent Orange Juice Smooth contains 12g per serving. That’s 70% and 63% of a child’s sugar allowance.


So what are the alternatives?

Carly Yue, has put together her top three breakfast alternatives for busy families:

“A lot of people skip breakfast because of time constraints, but this really isn’t an excuse. You can make a healthy breakfast in no time at all – you don’t have to be fancy! Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier and prepare yourself one of these simple, yet highly nutritious meals.”

Porridge made with oats, almond milk and one banana

“Be careful when you buy your porridge, as some brands will cram a lot of sugar in there. Porridge is a good breakfast option as it is renowned for releasing energy slowly, which means kids can get to lunch time without suffering from an energy lull. A great source of fibre, potassium and vitamins, bananas are always a good accompaniment to your morning oats.”


Two slices of wholemeal toast with two teaspoons of peanut butter

“So fast and easy to make, yet so effective. Peanut butter is a good source of “healthy fats”, as well as protein and Vitamin E among other nutrients, a liberal spreading of peanut butter can set you up for the day. Great for a busy school run.”



Greek yogurt, a handful of berries and almonds.

“Greek yogurt is widely labelled as a “super-food”, such are the vast nutritional benefits that it offers. A good source of potassium, protein, calcium and essential vitamins, this food forms an ideal base for a healthy breakfast for growing kids.”

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