What I Didn’t Know About Being A Parent


Being a parent, when you are not already one, can seem like an easy and joyous job. Whilst it is Joyous, it cannot be described as easy! We asked some mum’s what they didn’t know about being a parent and got a huge varied response.


Maria from Mummy To Logan, said,I wish I knew how bloody tiring it would be to woken up multiple times a night (especially when babas ill) “.


Something we can all agree is one of the biggest things we never really understand how tough this is until we have kids.


Another thing we can all relate to is what Sarah at A Few Favourite Things shares,I wish I’d known just how lonely it can be at times”. Parenting, especially if your closer friends do not have kids can be hugely isolating.


Charlotte of Cups of Charlotte talks further about friends adding, “I wish I knew about how many friends you would actually lose”. 


On the topic of friends and family Kasia of Oh Mummy Mia recallsI wish I’d known I can be invisible for my friends and other people”. More evidence of how much parenting can change us and how isolating it can feel.


A more positive outlook by Sarah at Mummy Cat  said, “I wish I knew how rewarding it was going to be, I knew it was going to be hard and exhausting, but it’s just been so much fun too.” This is very true and something we often forget when in the throes of tough times.


Vikki from Family Travel With Ellie makes great points. “I wish I’d known three things…1) the guilt you can feel, even when you know you’re doing your best. 2) not to worry because I was going to do just great. And 3) that I was going to love these little humans in a way I could only have imagined back then!” No-one can deny the love we feel as parents is something you cannot imagine until you are one.


Having kids means buying so many things and Kerry at Kerry Shaw Mummy of Four says, “I wish I had known how expensive it is”! Lauren from Sophie’s Nursery agrees, “I wish I had known I didn’t need anywhere near as much stuff as I bought…I could have saved a fortune as we didn’t use most of it.” I think we can all name at least 1 or 2 items that were a complete waste of money!


Getting to the point of being lucky enough to become a parent can be, for some, a long journey and Nikki at Yorkshire Wonders shares “I wish I had known that I would one day become a parent. I suffered from infertility for a few years and the sadness of thinking it would never happen was terrible. I just wish I could have had a glimpse of my future then (but don’t we all?).” A trying time for Nikki and all others suffering from conceiving issues.


Parenting is an emotional roller-coaster and Beth at Twinderelmo hits the nail on the head saying, “No one told us how many emotions will run through you each day. I never knew I could experience such love, pride, frustration and exhaustion!”


We try so hard to be the best parents we can be and sometimes no matter how hard we try it doesn’t seem enough to some. Nicola at A Blog’s Life shares, “Someone will always find something to judge you on no matter how hard toy try. You know your child best so go with your gut and don’t worry what others think.” Amazing advice. She isn’t the only mum to feel this way though.  Natalie of The Waitress, The Chef & Our Brood. says, “I wish I knew before that everybody would have an opinion on my parenting and try and give me advice, but actually all that mattered was that I did my best and did what I thought was right for my situation and my children.”


We think Cass from The Diary Of A Frugal Family has the right take on things saying, “I wish I’d known that I know best for my children and that I should always follow my own instincts. So many people have advice for new parents and that’s great and often really helpful but ultimately, they’re all just sharing their opinions as there’s rarely a right and wrong way with parenting.”


Some more light-hearted things from Lyndsay-Rose at My Family of Roses were, “Getting a bus during school rush with a pram is difficult! Never really noticed before.”  Then Vicki at Mumma And Her Monsters made us chuckle by adding, “I wish I’d known how annoying kid’s toys are!” You are right Vicki, especially the repetitive noisy ones! Don’t get us started on drum sets!


Sleep and bedtimes can be a hard slog especially with lack of sleep and Stacey of One Small Human told us, “I wish I’d known how much of a win getting 6 hours of unbroken sleep actually is. I’d have switched my pre-children weekend lie ins for early mornings and enjoyed more of the day!” Jenny at Accidental Hipster Mum says “I wish I had known that it’s not only hard to convince them to actually go to bed, it’s hard to keep them asleep too!”. Two very valid points!


Lack of sleep cause many issues including this which Sophie at Mamamei points out, “That parenting puts a huge strain on your relationships but is well worth it.” If you can get through the first year of parenting and still be together, you will get through anything!


Finally, Lauren at Blogger Mummy Lauren shares a beautiful thought which is, “I wish I’d known how quickly the years would fly by once my babies were born and learn to take it slower and appreciate things more, because you can’t get that time back!” Time does fly and before you now it, 20 years have passed and your children have flown the nest leaving you with too much time on your hands wishing they were small again. So, cherish ALL the times with your family, whether it be hard, sad or happy. As one day, it will be a little more quiet in your home.


Being a parent


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