What Your Sling Says About You?


There can be a certain amount of snobbery in all walks of life and carrying is no different. What carrier you use, how much it costs and what it looks like, really should bare no relevance at all. The fact you are carrying your child, meeting its needs and bonding is really THE most important thing. What we say to another potential babywearer could put them off babywearing so bare this in mind before you critique a carrier.

You don’t even need to have a specialised carrier to babywear. A simple towel, piece of sturdy material or something you have whipped up yourself on a sewing machine are just as good. Whether you buy a second hand Babybjorn, palm and pond mei tai or all singing and dancing Beco, doesn’t make you a ‘better’ baby-wearer or more serious, it merely shows you have spent more money.

Safety is really important so its worth bearing the following points in mind.

Check The Material

If you are using an item that is not tested as a babycarrier just cast your eye over it and make sure there are no holes or weakening of the fabric. are the seams secure where they meet the panel, check for any loose stitching. We would advise this practise to be used on tested carriers too.

Follow the T.I.C.K.S

If your baby is 0-6 months is baby Tight? In view? Close enough to kiss? Chin off chest? Supported back? If they are on your back are they supported well? In a comfortable position? No fabric cutting into legs? Are they warm enough? Cool enough? These are all things that are important. Using a common sense approach whatever you are using, will ensure your carrying experience is a happy one.

Listen To Your Child

Your child will tell you if something isn’t right for them, it maybe they are usually happy but are crying. They might be wiggling more than normal. Trust they have the ability to let you know if they feel unsafe.

Is the material safe for infants?

Babies like to suck carriers so its worth thinking about the material you are using. Could it be used with and AZO dye? Would you feel happy allowing your child to suck on or have a material on its body that potentially could be carcinogenic? You may feel confident that you are happy, and that is great, its just another thing to be informed about and consider.

Don’t accept people advising you that your carrier is ‘bad’ or poor quality or isn’t ergonomic. Anyone wanting to empower you will support you in what you are using and advise only if asked. Whether you are using a narrow based carrier, a blanket or a traditional garment from another baby wearing culture, they are nothing more than another item in which you can place your child. All babywearing is great and should be celebrated!


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